This once sleepy port town has profited well of the Spellsword’s expedition, or rather, in it’s failure.

When Lord Bradium’s expedition set up shop in Harborvale to build the six large vessels necessary to make the trip to the mysterious island. With all the finances by their backers, the Spellsword and the Pikeman were unknowingly responsible for a large boom in both buildings and residences in the tiny port. Buying lumber, labor, materials, food and equipment necessary for the large group fed the pockets of the few merchants there, and eventually into the pocket of the Mayer, Craddige, as payment for the rent of a few storage houses for temporary housing. But when the six ships and one thousand man strong army left, the town slowly started to expand. New shows, whole new harbors, residents and all manners of new visitors started to come to Harborvale.

So one year later, when the Waverider appeared at dawn, slowly creeping towards the pier, unmanned, sails town, and with bite marks and scratches of various sizes on almost every inch of the vessel, and only a single survivor, Dailen Meyer, word soon spread to many that something had happened to this expedition, and it seemed, only one man knew.

Again, this town has become a large hub of trade and travelers from across the land. With all the new shops, taverns and visitors, it seems where anything will start for this second expedition, will be at Harborvale.


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