The Gold of Zhan’et’Kara.

Long ago, explorers of many nations spread across the seas, in lust of treasures, territory, and ancient powers. Empires gained advantage in land, as well as a toll in death. Few lands of the world of Croutus remain unmarred by the touch of man, elf, dwarf or other power hungry races. The quest for gold, and of lost magics, have left the most scholarly to states of great power, those of mages and the like in the highest pillars. But with so few lands left to wrestle secrets from ancient times, many have become complacent, dull witted, and cowardly. But one powerful mage, known as ‘The Spellsword’, Lord Autrious Bradium, has grown bored with the tedium of councils, senates and the politics of the kingdoms who beckon for his expertise. Collecting his massive fortune, The Spellsword hired a small group of ships, sailors and mercenaries, to see out an ancient and lost island deep in the Southern Seas. Ages past, many other such explorers have attempted to seek out ancient islands within this tropical climate. But The Spellsword had acquired an tablet in a unknown language pointing towards an island kingdom, deep in the seas. This kingdom, Zhan’et’Kara, has never been touched by foreign hands, and may boast treasures for the adventurous soul to grasp.

Or at least, that is what Lord Autrious Bradium believed, but none have heard of his ventures in several years.

Fed up with the lack of word from this enterprise, several nobles, lords and kings that lent coin to the cause have grown impatient, and plan to send out ships of their own towards The Spellswords outpost on the island, to bring back word of his adventures, and, of any gold to be found. Survivors left on the port city of Harborvale, the last stretch of the journey before the seas, tell of a land of a bristling sun, jungles with terrors hidden inside, giant temples carved in stone, and things that walked in the manner of men, but bare the look of lizards and snakes.

Who will be brave and daring, or lacking in sanity to take up such a venture? To bring back signs of Lord Bradium’s journey, and any wonders to be found?

The Gold of Zhan'et'Kara